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Working with Dani has totally transformed the way I think about and experience exercise. As a life long athlete, I have always had very strong body awareness, but Dani has helped me to take that to the next level. Dani has taught me that strength means a lot more than the obvious definition I had clung to for years. He has helped me to access my strength in a deeper way and in the process develop a better and more compassionate relationship with my body. I had always been a results oriented exerciser, but his gentle and methodical approach has helped me to slow down and be patient with the process instead of clinging to external results, so I am finding a more peaceful and conscious approach to exercise. His knowledge of body mechanics is beyond impressive as he is an experienced yogi and athlete. He builds on that strong technical foundation, by sharing his own gentle and conscious approach to life.  He reminds me every time we work out to slow down and honor my body. I am a long time practitioner of yoga and martial arts, so thought I had already learned that, but Dani has opened a new door for me. As a result of this awareness, I have been able to take my yoga practice to a new level and am totally injury free in my very active life. I highly recommend Dani if you want a conscious and safe guide on your fitness journey. You will not regret it!

-Margie Woods Brown, Photographer

Dani is an amazing trainer. He really knows the body and how to help with strength and healing. He is very patient and flexible. I can’t recommend him highly enough. On a scale of 1-10 he is an 11. 

-Sheila Siegel, Glass Artist

Dani has been my trainer for the past  8 yrs.  He has taught me to trust the rhythm and flow of my own body and confidence. A year ago I had a hip replacement and went to physical therapy for 3 visits and got frustrated with slow progress. So I decided to have Dani train me to recovery. He studied all the exercises to rebuild from surgical hip replacement in such a short time. I am forever grateful for his expertise and positivity as I approach my 70's in a vibrant healthy way.

-James Arena, Licensed Massage Therapist

Dani showed me how to carry out various exercises and routines guiding me through the correct techniques to minimize injury and improve my overall fitness. Dani is exceptional at creating alternative exercises and workouts for all levels of fitness. Dani is knowledgeable in providing the latest information on nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle issues. Dani always supported and monitored my progress by changing and adapting my workout programs as needed.  

-Abby Moll, Sales Professional

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