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Dani has been a personal trainer for over 20 years.


Originally from Switzerland, Dani started out as a body builder. Inspired by the California sunshine and culture, he moved to Venice where he began his personal training career at the world-famous Gold’s Gym, the Mecca of Bodybuilding. But his fitness journey has taught him there is much more to training than big muscles! 

Dani believes in a holistic mindful approach to fitness that focuses on longevity and sustainability. His approach is simple: move and eat well, direct your attention towards what makes you feel positive, and consistently practice present-moment awareness.

His workouts focus on functional movement exercises that enable and empower you to do what you love most. These specialized exercises are designed to be done with minimal equipment through resistance, body-weight, balance, and careful attention. 


In his beautiful Venice zen garden, Dani will help you harness the power of nature and its connection to your body using TRX, resistance bands, free weights, balance boards, and stability balls. 

As an expert telemark skier, surfer, yogi, and mountain biker Dani is passionate about what the human body can do. His precise, intuitive and expert coaching is a truly personal and transformative experience.​


Dani is the best in town. He inspires his clients to improve their health and well-being while eschewing the trappings of the fitness industry. He’s reliable, active, informed, candid, and kind.  He’ll figure out what you need, and before long you’ll be enjoying health and fitness as much as he does.

-Mark Valley, Actor

Dani always shows up with a great positive attitude that permeates the whole workout! I always leave with my body and mind well worked and ready to take on the day's challenges!

-Shea Welsh, Musician and Producer

How I CAN 

Help YOU

  • private, outdoor strength training using mindful movement

  • one-on-one surf instructions and adventures

  • introduction to mountain biking

  • expert holistic nutritional advice 

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